Optimum Online

Optimum Online

The Problem: Redesign the online portal for Cablevision's broadband services to provide easy access to customer services as well as on-demand content including news, weather, games, video and other services in an easy to use home page for cable modem customers.

Our Solution: A sleek new portal with new a home page and easy to access content areas for news, weather, traffic, sports, finance, entertainment and video. The result: Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty due to easier access to customer service and increased advertising revenue from branded content.

  • New homepage and subpage design
  • Continually updated and highly targeted local news, weather and traffic
  • Content integration
  • Video streaming
  • Newsfeeds
  • Customer account access

The Result: Higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. Value-added content and services led to higher user engagement rates and more ad revenue generating traffic.